Strategic Plan

Clifton Springs Library Long Range Plan

Mission Statement

The Clifton Springs Library provides free and equal access to cultural and educational experiences. We celebrate ideas, promote creativity, connect people and enrich lives.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to educate, enlighten and enrich our community.

Goals and Objectives

Goal 1: The library will provide collections of enduring value and contemporary interest that are relevant to the needs of our community.
Objective: Foster the excitement of learning and the pursuit of knowledge by making print and non-print resources available to all users.
Objective: Provide ongoing formal learning support through a collection of materials to meet the curriculum needs of children and teens.
Objective: Establish methods to ensure the quality of collection development in all areas of the collection.
Objective: Honor the community’s investment in traditional collections while encouraging people to explore new opportunities through diverse formats.
Objective: Preserve the memories of the community through ongoing collection and maintenance of local history resources.

Goal 2: The library will provide services and programs that are valued by the community, resulting in ongoing library usage, and will encourage lively cultural and lifelong learning.
Objective: Continue to provide a year-round venue of adult programming.
Objective: Continue to provide a year-round venue of youth programming.
Objective: Continue to provide summer reading programming.
Objective: Continue formal learning support.
Objective: Continue to explore new programs and services in response to community needs.

Goal 3: The library will engage in community collaborations to strengthen the library’s awareness of community needs and reach out to customers not yet engaged with library services.
Objective: Continue to enhance and promote library/school initiatives.
Objective: Continue school collaborations through classroom visits to the library and library staff visits to school.
Objective: Develop new partnerships and collaborations with community organizations and village/town agencies.
Objective: Continue volunteer programs.
Objective: Expand services to underserved community members.
Objective: Maintain and enhance cooperative initiatives with the Friends of the Library.
Objective: Explore service possibilities to the homebound and senior living communities.

Goal 4: The library will strive to ensure that the community is aware of library programs, services and resources in order to expand the scope of community users.
Objective: Promote a positive image to the community through consistent communications and branding for publications.
Objective: Existing library resources will be promoted to library users.
Objective: Existing library resources will be promoted to potential library users.
Objective: Continue media relationships to ensure ongoing coverage of library events.
Objective: Promote library resources to town and village agencies.

Goal 5: The library will offer technology resources that will extend and enhance services to ensure that all community members have equal access to electronic information resources.
Objective: Continue to provide a dynamic and relevant library web site.
Objective: Continue and enhance the library’s presence in social media outlets.
Objective: Continue to support and enhance information literacy and technology initiatives.
Objective: Offer a diverse, convenient selection of computer literacy classes.
Objective: Continue ongoing staff technology awareness and training.
Objective: Continue to provide and update concise policy information for all patrons using public access resources.
Objective: Identify trends in technology and evaluate usefulness in a timely fashion.
Objective: Advocate for adequate funding for new technologies.
Objective: Ensure computer resources are updated and replaced per established schedule.
Objective: Continue to monitor and update network capacity to ensure adequacy of bandwidth for staff and patron activities.
Objective: Continue membership in and participation with the Pioneer Library System for technology support.

Goal 6: The library will provide a facility that is inviting, safe, well maintained and available during hours of greatest convenience to the community.
Objective: Tap into the spirit of the community by providing meeting spaces to encourage information sharing and collaboration.
Objective: Review and update meeting room policy as needed.
Objective: Evaluate physical space to determine best configuration for community needs.
Objective: Address ongoing maintenance needs in a timely fashion.
Objective: Ensure that all facilities continue to meet ADA requirements.
Objective: Ensure maintenance and efficacy of library security systems.
Objective: Evaluate telephone system and explore updates as needed.
Objective: Evaluate hours of operation and adjust as needed.

Goal 7: The library administration will offer careful stewardship of the library’s financial and operational resources to make the most efficient and effective use of both public and private funding.
Objective: Provide a highly trained and competent staff that collaborates to provide responsive service to all customers.
Objective: Maintain and encourage the use of staff policy and procedure resources.
Objective: Encourage advocacy within the library organization for support at town and village levels.
Objective: Maintain and enhance library funding opportunities through ongoing evaluation of needs and grant opportunities.
Objective: Explore a legacy / planned giving campaign to increase potential funding.
Objective: Meet state requirements by submitting annual statistical and financial reports to the New York State Department of Education.