Donations, Gifts, and Bequests

Donations, Gifts, and Bequests

Monetary gifts to the Memorial Fund will be used for the purchase of the library materials which may include books, audio books, equipment, furniture, or video purchases. Donor wishes will be considered in the selection process, but selection of specific titles will be made by the library staff in accordance with the needs and selection policies of the Library. The only form of memorial identification will be a gift plate. A note of acknowledgment will be sent to the donor.

Special collections and memorial collections will not be shelved as separate physical entities. Such collections will be accepted only with the understanding that they will be integrated into the general collection.

The donor of any gift materials must understand that the Library in all instances reserves the right to assign gifts wherever need exists and to dispose of the gifts as it sees fit, if they are not acceptable library materials or are not needed in the Library’s collection.

The Library cannot offer collection appraisals nor estimate the value of a gift.

Outdated materials and equipment shall be disposed of at the discretion of the Library Board of Trustees.