Borrowing Policy, Fines, and Fees

Borrowing Policy, Fines, and Fees

Eligibility for Borrowing
1. Residents of any age may become registered borrowers. Adults must complete an application form and show proof of address and present photo ID as proof of identity.
2. Children under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign the application form or must present valid photo identification in the form of a driver’s license, sheriff’s ID or school ID.
3. The presentation of a library card is necessary to borrow materials or use the public access computers in the library

Responsibilities of the Cardholder
1. All material may be borrowed except reference and local history material. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the director
2. Borrower must hold and present a valid library card.
3. Cardholders are responsible for the following:
a. All materials borrowed on the card
b. Payment of fines for overdue items
c. Payment for replacement of lost, stolen or damaged items
d. Notification of change of address or loss or theft of card
e. Presenting card when borrowing
f. Not letting others use one’s card

Loan Periods for Material
1. Books, magazines, audio books and cassettes may be borrowed for a 3 week period.
2. An extended loan of 30 days may be granted for the above materials if they are not on the “New Book” shelf.
4. New movies on DVD are loaned for 3 days. All other DVDs and VHS tapes are loaned for 7 days.
5. Loan periods may be changed at the discretion of the director.

Amount of Material Borrowed
1. Patrons may borrow books, magazines and audio books as per OWWL profiles.
2. Patrons are limited to three popular DVDs per card.
3. Patrons are limited to three children’s DVDs per card.
4. Patrons are limited to three non-fiction DVDs per card.
5. DVDs borrowed from other libraries through interlibrary loan do not count towards the 3-per-card limit.

Renewals and Returns
1. Clifton Springs owned DVDs may be renewed once if there are no holds on the item(s).
2. All other Clifton Springs Library materials may be renewed twice if there are no holds on the item(s).
3. Renewal limits on OWWL interlibrary loan materials are set by lending libraries and may not be overridden without specific permission from the lending library.
4. All items may be renewed in person, on the phone or online.
5. Books, magazines and audio books on CD and cassette may be returned in the Book Drop when the library is closed.
6. DVDs may be returned in the Video Drop Box or Book Drop when the library is closed. DVDs returned in either drop box are not deemed late if they are returned before the library opens the next business day.

Denial of Borrowing Privileges
1. Cardholders who have $5.00 or more in library fines or fees on their records will be denied borrowing privileges or public computer use privileges.

Library Charges
Extended use, replacement, processing and damage fees
1. A charge of $1.00 per day is levied for each overdue DVD or video game.
2. All other library materials that are overdue accumulate fines at the rate of $.10 per day.
3. A maximum fine of $5.00 per item is charged.
4. Replacement costs plus a processing fee will be charged for lost or damaged materials.
5. A fee of $1.00 will be charged for replacement of a lost library card.
6. A fee of $.50 will be charged for missing barcodes.

Fees for library services
1. Public fax: $1.50 for page 1, $1.00 for each succeeding page. Charges apply to both sending and receiving a fax.
2. Photocopying: $.25 per page.
3. Printing from laser printer: $.25 per page. Patron is responsible for all pages printed.
4. A fee of $1.00 per item is charged for items on hold that have not been picked up after 7 days of receipt of notification.