Meeting Room Policy

Meeting Room Policy

The use of the meeting room at the Clifton Springs Library is primarily for programs conducted or sponsored by the library. Priority is also given to programs conducted or sponsored by community groups and non-for-profit organizations whose aims are educational, cultural, and/or for civic betterment. All groups looking to use the meeting room must submit a Meeting Room Application with payment (if applicable) before the room is reserved. Applications are available at the circulation desk and on our website.

General Rules of Use:

1. Library sponsored programs receive first consideration.

2. The meeting room is not available for political or partisan purposes, or for the benefit of private individuals or commercial concerns. Sale of merchandise (as in author events) is left to the discretion of the Director.

3. Fees for the use of the meeting room may be charged to groups. See Meeting Room Agreement for current rates.

4. The library should be notified promptly if a group must cancel. If an event is cancelled 14 or more days prior to the reservation, a full refund will be issued. If an event is cancelled less than 14 days prior to the date, a 50% refund will be issued. Refunds in the form of a check will be mailed 7-10 business days after the Director is notified of the cancellation.

5. No admission fee may be charged for entrance to an event in the meeting room. A sponsor of a meeting or program may request a fee that covers cost of materials furnished to participants.

6. Meeting rooms may be used before, during, and after library open hours. The Contact Person is responsible for cleaning up, locking the meeting room doors, and returning the keys.

7. Except as a designation of location, the name of the library may not be used in any publicity relating to use of meeting room.

8. The library is not responsible for personal belongings of those attending the meeting.

9. Refreshments may be served. Reservation includes the use of the kitchenette.

10. Each group must clean up after each use.

11. No smoking or consuming of alcoholic beverages permitted at any time.

12. Meetings must be conducted in such a way as not to disturb library operations.

13. Library personnel must have free access to meeting rooms at all times. The library retains the right to monitor all meetings conducted on the premises.

14. The Contact Person assumes responsibility for participant accommodations and specific articles of compliance as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

15. Arrangements for use of any library owned equipment must be made in advance. Equipment available: DVD player, laptop, projector, chart stand, and lectern.

16. Number of persons attending meeting may not exceed limit set by Fire Code Regulations.

17. The Contact Person accepts liability for either damage to library facilities or loss of library property and liability of any claims for injuries or damage to persons and arising from the use of the premises by the organization.

18. The Director is authorized to deny permission to use the library rooms to any group that is disorderly or that has violated these regulations in the past.

Click here to access the Meeting Room Agreement and fee scale.

Contact the library with any questions or to inquire about room availability at
315-462-7371 or email.